Why Use FIN Builder?

  • Provides Cross Platform Support
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Visualizes Any Data Source
  • Creates Fantastic User Experiences
  • Promotes Company Standards
  • Simple to Use

Cross Platform (MOBILE) Support

With FIN Builder you now have a single tool for creating all your user experiences. Whether it runs on a desktop, tablet, or phone, you use the same tool for everything. The core technology is designed to be "client platform independent" which simply means that content created in FIN Builder can be rendered on any client device. Designed by a BAS company, built by a software company, FIN Builder combines efficient workflow with the latest technology to meet demanding customer expectations.

Save Time and Money


With FIN Builder you can create powerful navigation for your entire job quicker than ever. The navigation is an important element of the user experience; it is what the user interacts with on a daily basis. With navigation builder you can literally sit down with your customer and build custom navigation exactly the way they want to experience their system. You don’t have to use any 3rd party text editors or HTML to do this, you simply use FIN Builder’s powerful navigation component and minutes later you have the very best navigation possible. Why is this important? This will help you satisfy and retain more customers, and will help you lower your total direct cost.

Air Handlers

With FIN Builder and our library of "smart objects", you can make Air Handler graphics faster than ever before. You simply drag and drop from our library of 3D smart objects representing ducts, coils, fans and sensors, they literally snap into place. Want to change a hot water coil to chilled water? No problems just right click and the smart object will give you a mini pallet of coils to choose from! Why is this important? FIN builder empowers anyone on your team to be able to make great looking AHU graphics quickly and accurately. Modifications and additions are only a mouse click away.

Third Party Graphics

With FIN Builder we made it very easy to import 3rd-party graphics, so you don’t have to only use the ones we have built in. Most importantly we added the ability to simply drag and drop your 3rd party images right into FIN Builder. This makes it extremely easy to import your existing libraries and future images. Why is this important? Because you don’t have to make existing jobs look different if the user already likes what they have, but you can still expand and update those jobs faster than ever. FIN Builder lowers your total direct costs even for existing customers.

Central Plants

Within FIN Builder there is a special feature called central plant builder, this revolutionizes the way you build central plant graphics. Traditionally 3D plant and piping graphics were only possible if you used sophisticated 3D drawing packages. These programs represented significant costs in both the purchase of the software and the time to become proficient in using them. With central plant builder, we empower you to build 3D piping, complete with fittings and even shadows, faster than any tool on the market. Drag and drop some live sensor data and you get dynamic coloring of the piping in real-time! Why is this important? It’s a game changer; it allows you to do things that you couldn't do before, all in a single tool!

Custom Dashboards

With FIN Builder you can build custom dashboards quickly and easily using our library of icons, gauges and other visual components. Most specs are asking for more content than ever before including dashboards. With FIN Builder you can meet the spec seamlessly and with little effort. With the same tool that you build all your graphics, you can now create professional looking dashboards and summary screens. FIN Builder can even complement other web based dashboard applications by incorporating their screens into the FIN environment, creating a unified and custom user experience. Why is this important? It will help you land more jobs, and helps you provide a complete solution for your customers.

Visualize Any Data Source

With FIN Builder you can now use one technology to visualize a variety of data sources. Whether you want data from a CSV file, Niagara, Sedona, BACnet IP, or content from the stock market, FIN Builder provides the one tool to do it all. With FIN Builder the only integration expertise you need is the ability to drag and drop virtual points onto components. Why is this important? You can now train employees in FIN Builder (who don’t need to understand details about Niagara, Sedona, etc.) to build the entire Graphical User Interface (GUI), lowering your total direct costs on the job.

Create Fantastic User Experiences

Today customers expect a high quality design, and UI that blows them away. Before FIN Builder this was a time consuming task often requiring the skills of a designer and a developer working together with the dealer to create the solution. With FIN Builder we designed in powerful toolset capabilities specifically for the System Integrator so that they can easily perform all three of these roles without having to launch multiple applications.

Promote Company Standards

Promoting company standards has always been important, but it’s been too hard with past tools to actually encourage your employees to save and use standards. FIN Builder’s library repository makes it very easy to do things once, and then to share them as a company standard. Graphics, assets and linked points all get saved together as a reusable package. Why is this important? Because it prevents mistakes, lowers your total direct cost, and gives your customers what they expect, and common experience no matter who engineered the job.

Simple To Use

Designed by a BAS company, built by a software company, FIN Builder combines efficient workflow with the latest UI technology to make the easiest to use tool ever. Every facet of the FIN Builder toolset has been optimized to eliminate unnecessary mouse clicks and to reduce the steps required to create the user experience. From floating menus to extensive use of drag and drop functionality, FIN Builder is designed for speed and engineered to be fast!

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